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What are the main causes of yellow teeth?

Having white teeth is synonymous with youth, but when they lose that appearance, it is necessary to consider several factors that can make them darker and lifeless.
• Age
• Genetics
• Cigarette
• Inadequate oral cleaning
• Tooth erosion
• Food: (Coffee, Tea, Sauces, Blueberry, Beet, Red Wine)

The smile is the calling card of each of us, and having whiter teeth can have positive effects on lifestyle and relationships with other people. But how to get whiter teeth?

The first step towards a whiter smile is to find the reason for the color change. The reason may be related to daily routine habits - such as excessive coffee consumption or smoking habits - or issues related to the individual himself - such as aging or hereditary factors.
In some cases, the tips below may be useful.

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Tips for whiter teeth

If you want to have a whiter smile, there are some foods that you should avoid, such as coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks, or alcoholic drinks. In fact, if you can't avoid coffee, limit your consumption to just one meal.
On the contrary, the consumption of foods such as apples or carrots is recommended. The fibrous texture stimulates the gums, and the saliva produced during chewing participates in the removal of food debris present in the oral cavity. Broccoli is also an excellent option because it protects the enamel, preventing stains.

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Maintain proper hygiene

Hygiene is very important! Eliminating wrong foods or habits can help, but if your oral hygiene is not adequate, you may not be able to prevent problems with your teeth. For example, brushing your teeth should be done several times throughout the day, with a toothpaste aligned to your needs. The toothbrush should be changed every three months or when it starts showing signs of wear.
Flossing and elixir are also very important. In fact, using dental floss in the morning is recommended, as we spend many hours without washing our teeth. As for the most recommended elixir, ask your dentist for his opinion, he will know which is the best option for you.
Remember that this cleaning should be done calmly so that it becomes a quality cleaning and effectively avoid problems in oral health.

Maintain proper hygiene