Root Canal Therapy Barrie

Root canal therapy is also called endodontic treatment.

It is a strict procedure that only a professional can handle. So if your dentist suggests your root canal therapy, don't worry. We will guide you with all the facts.

Root canal procedure is designed to eliminate the infection and bacteria from the affected teeth. It prevents reinfection and saves the tooth from losing.

Teeth treated with a root canal are safe as it removes all infected pulp inside the tooth. Then the dentist cleans the area carefully and fills it with proper filling and seal at the end. Millions of teeth are saved by using this technique and regaining the health of teeth again.
Your teeth have a white enamel layer, which is hard called dentin.

The soft layer is known as pulp. These contain blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues that help teeth grow roots during the development phase. When a tooth is fully nourished, it can survive without the pulp because it can gain nutrition from its surroundings.

As the technology grows, root canal also has modern methods which are different from the old sayings. Now it is similar to the routine fillings and only requires two appointments to complete the process. It is relatively painless and more effective than the previous. It saves the teeth' damage and has benefits in efficient chewing, normal sensations, and protecting the other teeth from damage.

Root Canal Therapy


When the teeth nerves or pulps are damaged, then bacteria can grow and multiply to huge numbers within the pulp. The bacteria cause the infection and make teeth sensitive. The disease spreads and ends the roots of teeth.
Infected roots have the following symptoms
• Pain in chewing and biting
• Swelling in the gums
• Cracked tooth
• Pimple on the gum
• Lingering sensation for hot and cold food
• Deep decay causes the darkening of the gum
• Swelling may spread to the neck, face, or head
• The hole on the side of the teeth
• Bone loss on root tips

Although dental fillings that are made out of metals


Protection is better than treatments. Good oral care can help to alleviate the pain from the root canal. It helps to protect your crown for many years. Here is some protective measure that you need to follow for your oral health.
• Don't eat hard foods, especially immediately after the root canal treatment.
• Make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day. Brush circularly to clean your teeth effectively. If you have a root canal, then you need to take extra care while brushing.
• To prevent further infection, floss once a day.
• Reduce the consumption of sugary food and drinks.
• Schedule regular cleaning of your teeth and make them infection-free. It helps you to maintain oral health.


Important things to consider

Make sure that you are visiting the expert dentist for your root canal therapy. It is a matter of your oral health, which needs a sterilized apparatus and expert to handle it. Don't compromise your oral health maintenance. Must visit the dentist when you feel any symptoms and take their guidance to maintain oral health.

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