Family Dentistry Barrie

Family dentistry means professional dental care for all age groups

From the child's first visit to the dentist to the care and preservation of their parents' teeth to dentures for the older generation. Family dentistry covers all areas of dentistry. However, some diseases can primarily affect the family and spouse, including tooth decay and periodontal disease. They are infectious diseases that can be transmitted to loved ones via saliva. Such a transmission is definitely possible through kissing and can be promoted, for example, by testing baby bottles with small children. Because of this, a so-called partner or family prophylaxis is recommended.

What can such a plan look like?

A fundamental building block for effective preventive care is regular professional teeth cleaning, in which the closest family members or your partner should take part.
This treatment removes plaque and cleans the gum pockets, which ensures effective protection against infections and their transmission.
Further preventive measures must be determined depending on the condition of the teeth and individually tailored to each patient.

Caring for a child's teeth is of great importance from the very first baby tooth. As part of the individual prophylaxis, children are introduced to proper dental care. Not only do the milk teeth benefit from this, but also the state of health of the permanent teeth.

What are the advantages of family dentistry?

Dental practices that offer family dentistry usually cover a wide range of services and thus guarantee optimal care for all age groups.
In addition to bringing children closer to the dentist and avoiding any dental fear, special attention is also paid to pregnant women's dental health.
Due to the hormonal changes, pregnant women often experience bleeding gums and the resulting inflammation of the gums or periodontitis, which can increase the risk of premature birth. That is why good oral hygiene and regular checkups at the dentist are of great importance, especially during pregnancy.

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