General Dentistry Barrie

Teeth are an essential part of our body.

General dentists are the primary care providers who work in this field for dental care, root canals, oral exams, and many more. They keep track of our dental health and are responsible for diagnosing problems, treatments, and management of the services that you require in any case.

It includes different services you need to know about dental health from your dentist who has experienced in their field.

Services include

Here is the list of services that the general dentist provide
• X-rays
• Fillings
• Sealants and fluorides
• Restorative care
• Implant restoration

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The dentist takes x-rays to diagnose the problem. X-rays are the exact image of the teeth and jawbone that are understandable by the professional only. Radiation capacity for the x-rays is deficient, which is safe for children and adults health care.
It would be best to take an x-ray in certain situations like tooth decay, cavities, and impacted teeth. It is essential to have a dentist's appointment regularly and assess your oral health condition by x-rays.

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Filings help to treat the cavity and tooth decay. It prevents the spread of the cavity from one tooth to another.
Filling are of two types of metal filling and tooth-colored filling. Both of them have different benefits in different situations. You have the choice to select your desire filling as metal and colored fillings also have different types.

Implant Restoration

Types of Fillings


It is a classic silver filling that is made of mercury, tin, silver, and copper. The combination of all together makes a firm filling which is stable for a longer time.

Cast gold

The gold filling consists of gold with a combination of other metals. It is a long-lasting and robust filling.

Composite filling

Some of us want an invisible filling, so composite is the best choice. It consists of glass and plastic which can and to the teeth.

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It is a strong and high-tech dental filling that looks natural.

Glass ionomer

It consists of acrylic and glass powder and comes out with a translucent filling. It has benefited over others as it releases the fluoride, which prevents further tooth decay.

Sealants and Fluoride

It is the solution to prevent the spread of tooth decay on your permanent teeth. It is a plastic coating on your teeth that covers the resins and biting surfaces. Sealants aim to seal the surfaces of teeth with a preventive sheet. Once you seal your teeth, then the chances to develop a cavity is less.

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Restorative Care

It is a general dentistry type that fixes your teeth structural problems like missing teeth or damaged teeth in any accidents. Restorative care includes dentures, crowns, inlays, inlays, and bridges. It helps you to fix your teeth with proper functionality.
Restorative care helps to boost your confidence and appearance. Dental implants are also involved in this category of general dentistry.

What are the advantages of family dentistry?

Implant Restorations

The implant is the solution in poor hygienic conditions, extensive teeth grinding, and many more. Consider your professional dentist and take their guidance on your oral health.
There are many ways to implant restoration over time. With the help of implant restoration, you can fix your single or multiple teeth. If your teeth are missing, then crowning and bridging replace the space. It leaves your teeth rejuvenated.

Although dental fillings that are made out of metals


Your oral health affects your overall health so try to maintain your teeth cleaning. A general dentist can guide you better regarding your oral health conditions. Professionals who have the experience can help you with a better solution in case of any severe problem. Try to regularly visit the general dentist and maintain your oral health because small issues lead you to significant problems.

Family dentistry means professional dental care for all age groups