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The team at Barrie Heights Family Dentistry, led by your direct billing dentist in Barrie, Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk understands how a bright white smile is of great importance and value to you. Patients who suffer from discoloured or stained teeth can often feel discouraged and hesitant to smile due to the visual appearance of their teeth. Fortunately, your dentist available evenings has a variety of teeth whitening options that are tailored for you and your specific needs. 


Among the plethora of teeth whitening solutions that are available, one of the most cost effective, and rather more preferred options, are over the counter whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. Not only are they readily available and affordable, over the counter options are also convenient to use. You need only to follow and use the product as instructed. However, at Barrie Heights Family Dentistry, your dentist available evenings in Barrie can provide you with two different options that are more effective than over the counter whitening treatments. 


The first option that your direct billing dentist in Barrie can offer are at home teeth whitening kits. Similar to over the counter whitening solutions, this option is both convenient and relatively affordable. The only difference is that at home whitening kits are custom designed to treat your teeth, unlike over the counter whitening options that are designed to suit the needs of the general population.

If however you prefer a more potent and more permanent solution, then your dentist available evenings can offer in office whitening procedures. This option is beneficial, simply because you are supervised by a dental professional and the product used to whiten your teeth contain materials and properties that are more effective than generic whitening solutions. To get started with the variety of whitening solutions that are available for you, contact your direct billing dentist in Barrie today. Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk and the team at Barrie Heights Family Dentistry are excited to meet you.

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