General Dentistry in Barrie - Digital Oral Examinations

Improving your smile


Here at Barrie Heights Family Dentistry, we understand that it can often be difficult to maintain an adequate and regular oral hygiene routine. Whether it is due to years of neglect or simply because of mere preoccupation, inadequate oral hygiene can lead to severe dental complications. Therefore, if you are suffering from tooth decay as a result of one or more cavities, bad breath due to the lack of brushing or flossing, and gingivitis that can lead to gum disease, then head on over to Barrie Heights Family Dentistry. It is here where your direct billing dentist in Barrie, Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk and the team can assist you in developing adequate oral hygiene practices. Our primary goal is to assist you in achieving your ideal smile and encourage you to maintain a satisfactory level of your dental hygiene. Our team at Barrie Heights is dedicated to working alongside you, by offering a plethora of general dental treatments that are most suited to treat your dental issues.

Our General Dentistry services include:

  • Routine dental cleanings to promote the maintenance of good oral hygiene 
  • Deep oral cleanings that are designed to target specific dental issues
  • Flossing to assist with the removal of residue or food particles that can become stuck in between your teeth and cause bacteria
  • Comprehensive x-rays to determine the stability, strength, and structure of your teeth and gums
  • Gum evaluations to maintain the health of your gums and to determine the possibility of gingivitis or gum disease
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen your tooth’s enamel
  • Preventative care to maintain the overall health of your smile

Maintaining your smile


For all your general dentistry needs, head on over to Barrie Heights Family Dentistry where your dentist available evenings, Dr. Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk is pleased to offer you a variety of services that will assist you in achieving a brighter and whiter smile that you can be proud of. Our team at Barrie Heights will also provide you with the necessary tools to enable you to maintain your smile and overall oral health. Contact us today at (705) 302-9796 to schedule an appointment.